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Simple elegance

Hello people of the internet! I recently did an Autumn outfit post! When I made outfits for it I went a little over board. Putting together a good outfit is one of the few things in life that just brings me pure joy. I'm absolutely addicted to Polyvore. If you haven't used that site, I highly recommend it! So basically, I put together some more Fall outfits for you guys. I hope you enjoy them!

Casual Chic

Gothic Romance

Sweater Weather


Plaid outfits

Which one is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. I need those burgundy vans in my life

    fourcatsplusus.co.uk - Amy

  2. I love these outfits, they are so pretty. My favourite is the first one and the 4th one. Love this post <3

    Valentina from http://fashionwithvalentina.blogspot.com

  3. I am loving 1,2,3, and 5 xxx Can you use polyvore and transfer it to your blog hun ?

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! You absolutely can! Once you create a set, there is an option to share it on various social media sites as well as a blog! xx

  4. I kinda love them all! But the last three are my fav :)

  5. I literally need all of these outfits, it has been ages since I had a good wardrobe overhaul.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog


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