11 Thoughts You Have When You Use A Sheet Mask

11 Thoughts You have when you use a sheet mask

Hello people of the internet! If you're like me, then you're obsessed with the ever-changing world of beauty. K-beauty (the umbrella term for skin care from South Korea) was pretty much one of the biggest fads of 2016. And with k-beauty came sheet masks. They've been popping up everywhere. You can even get some creepy ones that seem like a real life Snapchat filter. If you've treated yourself to one of these (truly delightful) masks, I bet you've had at least one of these thoughts!

1. I'm so excited to pamper myself! This is going to be amazing!

2. Was the last mask I used this slimy...?

3. *Unfolds Mask* Whose face was this made for!?

4. *Puts Mask On* COLD! COLD! COLD!

5. Well... I definitely can't talk now

6. How the fuck did it get in my mouth? EW!


8. Might as well make the most out of this.... Who can I scare?

9. Oh god... I think some of it's in my eye now.

10. Has it been 15 minutes yet? 

11. *Takes Mask Off* HOLY SHIT! My skin feels amazing! I have to do this again next week!

What's your favorite sheet mask?
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