My Summer To-Do List || Free Printable

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

My Summer To-Do List || Free Printable

Hello people of the internet! Can you believe that one week from today it's going to be June? That means we're just one step closer to actual Summer! I was doing some work (aka making the June photo-a-day prompt list!) and it had me thinking about all of the stuff I want to do this Summer. 

The great outdoors - I want to go camping, hiking, star gazing, etc. I definitely need to invest in a better tent for starters. But, I plan on taking advantage of the warmer weather this year. Hopefully, there will be lots of road trips to the beach.

Fine Dining - What isn't there to love about food in the Summer? I can't wait to have a big barbeque or pack up a nice (instagram-able) picnic. The thought of having a nice hot s'more is pretty much too much to handle right now. Maybe I'll even make my own ice cream this year!

We can't forget about the fun and almost childish things, though.  I want to have water balloon fights or even a paint fight. I'm definitely looking forward to staying up all night and having a big bonfire on the beach. And, as always, one of the main things on my list is getting pictures of it all! 

Now, I want to know what's on your list! To help get your creative juices flowing I made you a little printable. It prints out to be a full A4 page. You can print it out and stick it to your wall or put it in a planner. Make sure you click the link below to download your printable. The image underneath this is only a preview and won't print to size!

My Summer To-Do List || Free Printable

What do you want to do this Summer?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. I love the printable! Things I want to do this Summer; go for a random drive, windows down, music blaring (assuming I pass my test in July this will be the first time I'll ever have done this!), take some time off work and go to the park, go to the zoo, do touristy Summer things because why not?! Great post :) x x

  2. I love printables Meggan, so this is right up my street :) x


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