Holiday Bedroom Decorations| Blogmas Day: 13

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Holiday Bedroom Decorations
Hello people of the internet! I can't be the only one who decorates their bedroom in order to get more into the festive spirit, right?! Well, my room finally feels finished. I've been dying to show you guys for a few weeks now but I wanted to make sure I had all the finishing touches. 

This is the wall behind my bed. I made the tassel garland myself. That was no easy task.. But I absolutely adore it. It's quite hard to get decent pictures of though! I bought the "Merry Christmas" banner at Dealz(Poundland). It's  dark red, baby blue, grey, and white. 

Holiday bedroom decorations
Holiday bedroom decorations
Holiday bedroom decorations
Holiday bedroom decorations
Holiday bedroom decorations
 And this, is my lovely fireplace! Mind you, it doesn't work or anything. That just means I get to go all out with decorating it! I got everything from Primark, Dealz, Tiger, and Euro Giant. I love my little Doe and tree set up. The Doe was meant to be a gentleman.. He was supposed to have holes in his head for the antlers he came with, but I ended up with the one with out any. Oh well! The little pine trees also were a wee bit of a disappointment. They're fiber optic but they just didn't light well enough. So, I just decided to turn that little area into a winter wonderland! And how could I decorate with out candles? I have six up there at all times. I just love the warmth they give my room. Also, how cute is my Christmas countdown calender? The four is circled because my boyfriend is convinced that we're going to have a secret Christmas this year! (haha never going to happen.) I love how cozy my room feels now. Every day I get to wake up and feel Christmassy and that's pretty damn awesome! I'll probably be doing another one of these types of posts for our living. So, keep your eyes peeled!

Have you decorated your bedroom?
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  1. So jealous of your fireplace! haha I miss having one this year as I've no where to hang my stockings. You did so good making the tassel garland too - looks awesome!

    Best wishes, Danielle xo

  2. Your fireplace looks so cosy with all the candles and the lights! xx

    Beksha | bekshaxo


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