Alternative Christmas Colors| Blogmas Day:10

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Alternative Winter Christmas Colors
Hello people of the internet! DAY TEN ALREADY?! I'm quite happy and proud that I've stuck to this. I'm finding it a bit challenging, but it's so worth it. Are any of you doing Blogmas? If you are leave me a link in the comments, okay? Now, in my house we just put up our tree last night. I went a bit crazy in my bedroom decorating, as well. We've never been big on the whole "traditional" red and green combo. Like don't get me wrong; I love that combination. Just not for my house. I prefer metallics  and bright colors. So, I've put together three of my favorite color combinations for Christmas for you guys! 

Alternative Christmas Colors: 1

Alternative Christmas Colors: 2

Alternative Christmas Colors: 3

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