Happy Holidays!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

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Hello people of the internet! It feels like forever since we last spoke! I'm so proud of myself for doing 22 days of Blogmas! Unfortunately, the holidays did end up getting the better of me. I almost felt guilty for not posting daily. At the end of the day though, I much rather focus on having a nice time with my family than getting the best pictures for a blog post.Of course, I still took some pictures! I mean, It was bloody Christmas! 

Dark and white chocolate oreo truffles
dark and white chocolate oreo truffles

On Christmas Eve I made some super awesome Oreo Truffles, I found the recipe on my favorite blog A Beautiful Mess. They we're a little bit harder to make than I thought they were going to be but they turned out so nicely! We (My boyfriend and myself) spent most of Christmas Eve at my house with my family and then traveled up to his sisters for some drinks and laughs. It was such a nice family feeling! Since I'm from America, it's a little harder to get that feeling around Christmas. Hopefully, we make this a tradition! After a couple hours, we headed back to my house and I finished wrapping presents. Dan got into bed and watched Goonies. He's decided that this is one of our new Christmas traditions. At around 1:40 I realized I missed a message from my best friend back home. She had finally received the package I sent two weeks prior. So naturally, I called her for an hour so I could hear her reaction to everything inside. 

cheese egg and bacon bagel
bacon, egg, cheese, sausages bagel breakfast
Christmas Day was perfect! (Once I finally got out of bed) I was so happy to see everyone's reactions to the presents I bought them! I really am lucky to have received the things I did. The only thing I really feel comfortable saying I got was A NEW CAMERA! (I don't really like Christmas Haul posts and stuff like that. The only reason I'm even saying anything about the camera is because it effects my blog.) We stayed at my house and had an awesome non-traditional Christmas dinner: BBQ Pulled Pork sandwiches and fries. Then we wandered over to Dan's house and had a few more drinks, chocolates, and laughs there. I honestly could not have asked for a better Christmas. It was so nice to have that family feeling back into the holidays. 

black and white typography christmas wrapping paper
  I legitimately have chronic bitch face. 
We hope you all had a fantastic Christmas! I hope to be finding a new posting schedule soon now that I'm officially done with Blogmas. 

Happy New Year's everyone!
Be Safe!

What did you do for Christmas?
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  1. The Oreo truffles look so gorgeous! :D Hope you have an amazing new year! xx


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