Simple Holiday Nails| Blogmas Day:16

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Simple holiday nails
 Hello people of the internet! 16 days, huh? Kinda crazy. I'm pretty proud of myself though. I didn't even think I would last the first week! Last night I painted my nails. It's super simple but, cute and festive! I feel so weird having my actual nails painted for once! I only ever wear fake nails. I love how this turned out though!

gold and green glitter holiday nailsgreen and gold glitter holiday nail polish
gold and green glitter holiday nail polishes

I used the Essence nude nail polish as a base. Then I did a very light coat of the gold and finished with the Jess green glitter. Can we just stop for a moment and appreciate how amazing the green nail polish is? I fell in love with it in PoundLand and it was only €1.49! It dries in like two seconds as well! 

Have you done anything festive with your nails?
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  1. They look super cute, i have a red glittery nail polish i'm going to try to do it using that.
    x,AbrilI love the pumps, and the color of the coat, I'm tired of watch black coats all over


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