The Little Plug Company| Blogmas Day:4

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Hello people of the internet! Today is the 4th day of Blogmas, and I wanted to share an amazing company with you! I'm really trying to join the Shop Independent movement this year. So, in the days leading up to Christmas, I'm going to try to feature small/independent shops. This way you get to support awesome businesses and not even have to leave the house to do your Christmas shopping! Talk about a win, win!  The Little Plug Company is a UK based Etsy shop that sells custom and ready made plugs (As in for stretched ears!). I've been following them on Instagram for a while now and I really felt like they deserved a little showcasing! Below are a few of their adorably festive products. Let's take a look!

The Little Plug Company
   The Little Plug CompanyThe Little Plug CompanyThe Little Plug Company
Frozen Snowflake Handmade Acrylic Tunnels 14mm: €15.69

I am absolutely IN LOVE with these! I have stretched ear but mine are only 10mm. It's quite tricky to find cute plugs in that size. I intend on going bigger but I want cute things too! As I said, they are based in the UK. They ship worldwide, so you can all enjoy some nice dangly bits for your ears. 
All of these plugs are also, sold in pairs unless stated otherwise.
Make sure to get your Christmas orders in soon! 

Do you have stretched ears? What kind of jewlery do you like to wear?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. I don't actually have stretched ears but these are so cute, I'd love like an earring version!

    Jade x ♡


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