Top 5 Christmas Movies| Blogmas Day:21

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hello people of the internet! If you're like me, Christmas movies are a key part of getting into the holiday spirit. My boyfriend and I were trying to figure out what movies to watch tonight so I decided to share my top five all time favorites with you!

5. Elf: Now, everyone seems to adore this movie. I only kind of like it. I feel like most people could watch this for the whole of the holiday season. I could watch it maybe once a year. That in mind, it's a cute movie and worth making the list.

4. How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Well, for starters I love Jim Carrey. I remember watching this when it first came out as a child and I just loved seeing the book I had read come alive. 

3. Gremlins: I know a lot of you might not consider this a Christmas movie but.. It takes place during Christmas! Plus, how adorable is Gizmo! 

2. Home Alone: A Christmas classic in my books! I used to try and copy all of the pranks after watching it. John Hughes movies are absolutely timeless.
1. The Santa Clause: My number one favorite Christmas movie of all time. I'm actually watching this as I type out this post.  Tim Allen is a national treasure and in my mind will always be Santa Clause.

What's your favorite Christmas movie?
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  1. Elf is my favorite christmas movie, its amazing!! I would love it if you stopped by my blog

  2. Nice! I just did a similar list and included some of these. I never thought of Gremlins haha, but you are right, it does take place a christmas so it works!

  3. I love Elf & Home Alone. I also really like Love Actually and Fred Claus. I have to watch them every year


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