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Thursday, February 12, 2015

ITWBN Blogger Event

Hello people of the internet! Most of you know that on Sunday I made the long journey up to Galway. I was going to my very first Blogger event! The day that I had with Into The West Blogger Network was beyond any possible expectations I could have had. It was personal yet so, professional. The feel of everything was so glamorous but, still relaxed! I'm so happy that I could make it up there to meet so many other bloggers!

ITWBN Blogger Event Motivational Quotes Cards

1. I arrived at the Radisson Blu in Galway at around 1:20. I rushed into the bathroom to "fix" my makeup and immediately found like four other bloggers with the same idea. When I finally emerged from the bathroom, I ran into Erin from Chasing Rubies Chasing Pearls. She was so lovely! We were greeted by drinks and adorable macaroons at the event reception. I made my way into the room and found my table. Everything was so beautiful. 

ITWBN Blogger Event Gourmet Tart Co Macaroons
ITWBN Blogger Event Finger Food

2. This event has now made me addicted to Gourmet Tart Co. macaroons. They looked so pretty and tasted even better! (I'll be talking more about them in another post!) We heard a great talk about SEO from OMiG and all about being an awesome youtuber from Siobhan aka LetzMakeup. We had a wee break to shop, socialize, and eat. The food was so good! I ate way too many chicken fingers and cakes!

ITWBN Blogger Event Cotton Face Jewelry
ITWBN Blogger Event Cotton Face Jewlery
ITWBN Blogger Event Peter Mark's Redken ITWBN Blogger Event Debenhams and Benefits

3. We were absolutely spoiled on Sunday. The jewelry is from Cotton Face. I'm really annoyed at myself for not buying anything. It was pretty and eye grabbing! There was a little Peter Mark's table and and Debenhams one, serving pink drinks and Benefit goodie bags! I'll be posting a full gallery of all my pictures from this event on facebook. Make sure you give it a like so you don't miss those! 

ITWBN Blogger Event Cake A Modern Mommy's World
ITWBN Blogger Event Secret Fashion Fixes Prize Hamper

4. The second half of the event we heard from great brands like Beutifi and Cocoa Brown Tan. And of course, The Galway Player. The talks we so informative. I have so many notes to read through to help me improve my blogging skills. At the end of the night we had a raffle and I actually won this awesome hamper from Secret Fashion Fixes. Between this and the goodie bag, I actually had to buy a backpack the next day so I could carry everything! I'll be making my youtube debut with a video showing everything we we're so lucky to get! Also, check out this awesome cake made by one of our very own bloggers, Sandra at A Modern Mommy's World. Eating this at the bar after the event with some of you was one of my favorite parts of the day! 

I'm so happy I could make it all the way up to Galway to spend so a special and glamorous day with so many amazing people! I can't wait for the next one in May! Also, I would like to thank Saibh and Sinead for taking the time to create this event for all of us. I'll never forget it!

Have you ever been to a blogger event?
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  1. babe this is a great post - thanks so much!! muchos love!! x s

  2. That looks like such a great event! I hope to attend some blogging events in the future.

    Ree // Coffee with Ree

  3. It sounds like you had a really fun time!

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds


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