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Sunday, February 08, 2015

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Good morning people of the internet! Right now, I'm on the bus to the ITWBN blogger event in Galway! Let's hope I don't get super car sick writing this. Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram. I'll be living tweeting and taking loads of pictures to share with you. As usual, social media links are after the jump!

Obsessing over:  The fact that this event is finally here! I feel like I've been waiting forever for this even though it's only been two weeks. I've never been to Galway before. I'm so excited to have a little wander tomorrow. I'm also super excited to find some awesome food there! I know someone who told me about a few places to try. I'm a huge foodie and I can't wait to try something new!

Listening to: The sound of the bus rumbling underneath me. I forgot headphones (silly Meggan!) so, I'll be having a very quiet trip today! ¬.¬

Working on: (As always) Posts for the week! They'll more than likely be about this totally awesome event. What do you guys want to see more of? I want to try to do some more fashion posts. 

Thinking about: How awesome today is going to be. I'm really nervous but, super excited. This is my first Blogger event. I love knowing that everyone there has this amazing common interest. It's a great ice breaker. I'm just so shy though. 

Anticipating: Meeting all of these amazing people. (Sorry for being non-stop about the event. Well, I'm not sorry really.) I also can't wait to stay at the lovely Kinlay Hostel. That's the first place I'm going when I get off the bus. Can't wait to get myself a warm cup of coffee.

Drinking: Absolutely nothing. I'm one of those people who have to pee five minutes after they drink something. I had a cuppa joe this morning and now i just have to wait it out! Getting a drink is the first thing on my to-do list when I get to Galway though!

What are you doing today?
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  1. I hope the event was amazing, look forward to hearing about it! I hate forgetting my headphones, sometimes I put mine in even when my phone battery is dead just so people don't chat to me on the bus...

    Sammy xo.


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