8 Beauty Favorites

Friday, March 13, 2015

8 Beauty Favorites

Hello people of the internet! Today we're talking about my 8 current beauty favorites. I really feel like these products are just beyond amazing and need talking about. I use each of them pretty much daily now. Oh! By the way, I'll be back to a normal posting schedule very soon! The batteries from my camera decided to start leaking battery acid.. Luckily, they weren't in my camera when it happened. Keep you eyes peeled for new AMAZING, Spring themed posts!

VO5 Nourish My Shine – Bedazzling Oil Heat Protection Spray: I picked this up in a buy one get one half price sale in boots last month. It makes my hair so shiny and soft! It's been an absolute savior since  stopped using conditioner in the shower.

VO5 Plump It Up – Dry Backcomb Spray: A friend gave me the end of her can to try and I immediately bought a full can for myself! This gives my hair a much needed volume when I haven't washed it in a day or two. Also, I tend to use it like a dry shampoo and it works beautifully!

Boots Ingredients Coconut & Almond Leave-In Conditioner: Since I stopped using conditioner in the shower I need to use a leave-in conditioner. This stuff smells like summer! I spray tons of this in my hair after showering and it always feels soft and nourished afterwards.

Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff: I was lucky to get this bad boy in my ITWBN goodie bag from last month. Fun fact about me: I love a good exfoliator. If it's nice to my skin and tough on the rest, I'm sold! I really can't remember the last time my legs felt so smooth.

Sugar Crush Body Buttercream: This is my go to lotion. My (awesome) boyfriend gave me this amazing body butter for Christmas. It smells like Kool Aid and I would eat it if I could. Using this right after I exfoliate is such a treat.

Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge: My parents gave this to me for Christmas. I tried it once and was frustrated that it didn't come out perfect the first time. This past week I became absolutely determined to learn how to use this damn sponge. I can now say that I'm a convert! I feel like this is some of the coverage I've ever had in my makeup life.

Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick - Date Night: If any of you have been at Boots recently; you'd know that their clearance section has been amazing! I picked up this gem for €2.50. I had lost my other go-to red lipstick. This is an amazing, bright, long lasting lipstick. It's slowly becoming a staple in my makeup bag!

Urban Decay Naked On The Run: I know this has been out for ages but I only have had my hands on it for the past month now. It is sooooooooo good guys. I picked it up with my Debenham's voucher (also in my ITWBN goodie bag) and it's my ultimate go-to. I can create a whole look from start to finish with this palette.

What are some of your go-to beauty products right now?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. Ah I love the sugar crush buttercream and the real techniques sponge too! So good :D

    Kirsty | www.kirsty.ws

  2. I've been needing a new leave in conditioner so I may have to pick this one up on my next shopping trip. I also love the sound of the heat defence spray as my hair definitely needs some TLC at the moment.

    Ami xxx

  3. I love the Seventeen lipstick, might have to give that a try! x


  4. I've heard so many good things about the Cocoa Brown scrub, I'm so tempted to pick it up! I love the Seventeen Stay Pout lipsticks too, I have the shade Make An Entrance (an orangey red) and it lasts for ages :) xx



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