*Australian Bodycare Blemish Stick

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Australian bodycare blemish stick out of the packaging

Hello people of the internet! Recently I was asked to try out this *Australian Bodycare Blemish Stick. It's meant to be the perfect little helper for combating breakouts at the last minute. I decided to give it a test run over the past two weeks!

Australian Bodycare Blemish stick with the cap off

The *Australian Bodycare Blemish Stick is made with tea tree oil and witch hazel. You simply roll the clear liquid over the spot and you're done! It's great for reducing redness and helping the healing time of spots. The formula is also antibacterial. It's absolutely amazing for helping with small bug bites or skin irritation. I used it after I came home from camping to help calm itchy bites and it worked like a charm. 

There were only two thinks I didn't love about this product.
  1. I found the smell to be mildly over powering. Especially when I used it closer to my mouth. I felt like I could taste the product when I was drinking something.
  2. I thought the liquid was a little too sticky. 

Other than that, I think it's another one of those perfect products to have in your bag. Whether you're just going out to town, or your going camping!

You can purchase it on www.australianbodycare.co.uk for £5.99

* = This product was provided for me for review purposes

Have you ever tried tea tree oil products before?
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