Photo-A-Day Round-Up Week: 3

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Hello people of the internet! This week was a good one! How was yours? On Monday it was Dan's birthday. We had such a chilled out and relaxed day (might have eaten a little too much cake). I also felt like I really enjoyed taking the pictures this week. The prompts were really fun! 

bokeh multi color lights

Day 12: Tiny

buttered pancakes with syrup

Day 13: Fresh

lush unicorn horn bubble bar, seventeen nail polish, burt's bees foot cream, and glam glow mud mask on a white background.

Day 14: Time

Disney TsumTsum stitch plush toy

Day 15: Toy

photos scattered on a white background

Day 16: Friends

innocent smoothie on a wooden background

Day 17: Smooth

a moth on a distressed whit background

Day 18: Hide

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  1. Those pancakes look beautiful!

  2. ooh your blog is so pretty!! What font do you use? Awesome pics too!x


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