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Thursday, October 01, 2015

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Hello people of the internet! Sorry for taking a small break last week. All of a sudden I became a busy blogger with events to attend. But, you guys are in luck! Today is the first day of October and that means: Blogtober! I will be blogging every single day this month. There will be a bunch of Autumn themed posts as well as product reviews! So, today I wanted to share some Autumn color inspiration with you guys. Thanks to my brother for letting me swatch eyeshadows all over his arm!

Colorful glitter scattered on a white background
Five eyeshadows swatched on someone's arm
Gold and orange eyeshadow swatched on someone's arm
Glitter powder scattered across a white background
glitter pigments scattered on a white background

For starters, these pictures were just way too much fun to take. I got to play with glitter and loose pigments. I also... got to put makeup that contained glitter on my brother (he's obsessed with primer now). The colors I chose to show you guys are fairly eye-neutral. So, they're going to suit all eye colors! My three favorite shades are: the orange rust color, deep dusty rose, and a charcoal grey shade! There are just so many looks you can do with them. These colors are great inspiration for not only makeup, but clothes this season!  Normally I go for more matte eyeshadows than glitter. This year, I'm obsessed with shimmer-y shadows. 

I'm definitely going to be doing some makeup looks this month. Let me know if there's any specific eyeshadows you want me to use! 

What colors do you obsess over in Autumn?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. The second swatch photo is just wow, I love ALL those colours. I think my autumn colours would be gold/bronze colours. / Lifestyle Blog, I'm also doing blogtober :)


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