Bronze Mermaid || Makeup Look

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Bronze Mermaid Makeup Look

Hello people of the internet! I've recently discovered that I can wear makeup that doesn't involve winged eyeliner. My favorite type of eye makeup to do at the moment is like a spotlight eye. Usually when I go out I just do a matte look. But, I was bored and decided to break out the glitter! Once I finished playing around I was in love! Then I posted the finished look on Snapchat and everyone seemed to love it. So, that's how this post was born!

Bronze Mermaid || Makeup look
Bronze Mermaid || Makeup Look
Bronze Mermaid || Makeup Look
Bronze Mermaid || Makeup Look
Bronze Mermaid || Makeup Look
Bronze Mermaid

Hopefully the image above is helpful! Basically, I use Skimp all over my eyelid once I primed it. Next I took Stark and then Zone into my crease. Next I took Punk (careful with this shade! It's super pigmented!) and applied it to the outer corner, inner corner, and my crease. I then blended it out with Bitter from the Vice 4 palette. I continued to add Punk into my the same areas and blending it out with bitter until it was to my personal liking. 

Next I used a small, damp brush and dipped it into Flame from the Vice 4 palette. I then started to apply it all over my lid and creating a nice clean line just below my crease. Using the same brush, I grabbed some of my Wet n Wild glitter (it's like a gel!)and started to apply that over Flame!

Then I cleaned up my crease. Basically, I just used a small eyeliner brush and added a little bit more Punk. For my waterline I used a dark reddish brown eyeliner and blended it out with Bitter!

There you have it! I'm definitely thinking of doing more looks like this. Please let me know if you would like to see more of these posts! I was thinking of doing a more colorful look!

Would you ever try this makeup look?
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  1. This makeup is amazing! Love this post :)

  2. Not only is the makeup so simple and beautiful but you are so pretty ! I love your eyes !



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