*Crown Brush Palette & Brush Review

Wednesday, July 06, 2016

 Crown Brush Palette & Brush Review

Hello people of the internet! How have you been? I really hope you're all enjoying this daily blogging thing! Now, a few weeks ago the lovely people over at Crown Brush let me pick out some bits to share with you guys! I heard about Crown Brush through a few blogs and on social media. So of course, I said yes to working with them! I picked out two products: The 15 Colour Creme To Powder Foundation palette and the SS032 Pointed Blender Brush. I picked the palette because I thought it had a great range of colors for contouring. And, if I was going to give cream contouring I had to get a new brush!

Crown Brush Palette and brush review
Crown Brush Palette and Brush Review
Crown Brush Palette And Brush Review
Crown Brush Palette and Brush Review
Crown Brush Palette and Review
Crown Brush Palette and Brush Review
Crown Brush palette and Brush review

The swatches are going from left to right starting with the top row. 

The packing is just a matte black. I feel like the pan sizes are pretty big. It's definitely a good amount of product for €26.36! Just as I suspected the palette had a fantastic range of colors. I don't know why but they seemed a bit more red toned in these pictures. I didn't want to edit the color of them, though!

 The consistency is amazing. More along the lines of what you would expect from a cream concealer palette. Finding my perfect shade for highlighting was a breeze. The contour shade was a bit harder. Luckily, the shades blend so easily that I just mixed a few colors together to get a suitable contour color. I know at the end of the day this is a foundation palette. It's full coverage and I love the creme to powder finish. So, I would totally say you could use this just for foundation. 

Crown Brush Palette and Brush Review
Crown Brush Palette and Brush Review

This brush! Oh my god, I am in love with this brush. I used it to apply my usual foundation, apply the product from the palette, and blend it in. It's such a fluffy and soft brush. The tapered end was great for getting under my eyes or for applying my contour. My foundation still went on smoothly and I still had full coverage. My only problem with the brush is that it sucked up quite a bit of product. But, that isn't a major issue to me. 

I just want to say a huge thank you to Crown Brush for sending me these products. I love getting to try out new brands! I will definitely be making a purchase soon. 

* = Products were given to me for review purposes! This post also includes affiliate links.

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  1. This palette sounds so nice! I like the shape of the brush since it's a little different :)

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