My Travel Essentials

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

My Travel Essentials

Hello people of the internet! Over the past year or so, I've done a lot of traveling. I spent a lot of time on buses and in hostels. I definitely feel like I've learned some things. Last Summer, I did a travel essentials post. I feel like I'm a lot more knowledgeable now. Today's post is pretty much about what I keep in my purse or backpack when I travel. They're pretty much essential for a weekend away, a festival, or even a long haul trip!

Camera - Anytime I travel, I have to bring my Camera! I use a Nikon Coolpix l820. It's a bridge camera and just perfect to pop into your bag. 

SD Cards - I usually bring two SD cards with me. My go-to SD card is 64GB. I really only bring a second one incase mine decides to break or I lose my 64GB card!

Baby Wipes - When I asked my friends what they considered a travel essential they said baby wipes! I totally agree. They're so handy for when you just need to get your makeup off quickly or if you go to a bathroom and there's no toilet paper!

A Pillow - Now, you're probably saying, where's the pillow in that picture? Well Stitch is the pillow! I have one of the medium size Tsum Tsums and it makes for a great travel pillow. There's something so comforting and relaxing about bringing a pillow from home. I feel like I sleep so much better when I bring Stitch with me!

Hair Ties - Where would I be without you? I have to have at least two in my bag and one on my wrist at all times.

Comfy shoes - I spent quite a few trips in agony because I didn't wear comfy shoes. I've learned my lesson and comfortable shoes are now my #1 priority when I travel.

Sunglasses - I have crazy sensitive eyes. Any bit of sun and I'll be squinting for the day. It's gotten so bad that I actual get headaches from squinting. So, to be safe I always have at least one pair of sunglasses in my bag.

Dry Shampoo - My hair gets greasy pretty easily. It just saves me a lot of time if I have dry shampoo with me. This sounds random but I'm actually in love with the Intu Dry Shampoo from Dealz (Poundland). It never feels chalky and it doesn't irritate my poor scalp either!

Sunscreen - This one is pretty self explanatory isn't it?

Headphones - Like I said before, I spend a lot of times on the bus. You need heaphones to drown out the noise. And, so you can watch or listen to things with out annoying everyone around you!

Powerbank - Dear lord what did we do before powerbanks? Whenever I'm in Dublin I have to have mine in my bag. I spend too much time on social media and now with Pokemon Go I just won't have any battery left. 

What is one thing you can't travel without?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. I travel with many of the items that you mentioned. My number one travel essential (even if day tripping) is a refillable water bottle.

    I am very happy that you mentioned the sd card as I need to order one for my son as he is on a Summer adventure.

  2. Really cool post!! I commute like 2 hours every day, that Stitch pillow is too cute! My travel essential is actually podcasts, i can't survive the commute without it! I recommend Serial and Limetown


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