Dark Autumn Makeup Look || Blogtober 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Dark Autumn Makeup Look Blogtober 2016

Hello people of the internet! Today's makeup look is possibly my new go-to look for the rest of the Autumn/Winter season. I don't even think it's possible to put into words how cool I felt with this dark smokey eye and bold lip. It's definitely the perfect grown up version of my old emo makeup. Like, if my 12 year old self could see me now.... I think she would be pretty damn impressed. But also slightly confused as to where my *signature* black eyeliner was.

Dark Autumn Makeup Look Blogtober 2016
Dark Autumn Makeup Look Blogtober 2016
Dark Autumn Makeup Look Blogtober 2016

Untitled #253

The three palettes I used to create this look are: the Makeup Revolution Flawless palette, Sleep i-Divine Ultra Matte V-2 palette, and the Catrice Sand Nudes palette. 

First, prime your eyelids with your primer of choice. Then take a pink-ish nude color (I used the one that is circled in the Catrice Sand Nudes palette) and cover your whole lid, Next take a matte dark brown and starting at your lash line roughly cover your lid. Try to stay below your crease. Take a lighter brown and then blend upwards into your crease. I then took the dark red shade from the Sleek palette and lightly applied it in my crease and outer corner. If this looks a bit hard blend it out more with the pink shade you started with. 

Using a wet brush take a shimmery, cranberry shade ( I used the red shade on the left in the Makeup Revolution palette) and apply over your lid avoiding the crease again. Then take another slightly darker cranberry shade and apply that with your wet brush to the outer corner of your lid. Take the matte red shade (sleek palette) and blend the edges of the shimmery shadows into your crease. 

I then took some of the dark red cranberry shade, applied it to my lower lash line and blended it with the shadow from the sleek palette. Finish off the look with your favorite mascara and lipstick!

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  1. I love this makeup look so much! I've been dying to try out reddish hues for ages but never found the right palette... I'll see if there are any Revolution ones around.

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

  2. Love love love this look! Will deffo have to try replicate it with similar palette's that I have! Your lipstick is gorgeous too!


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