*How To Throw A Grown Up Halloween Party

Friday, October 28, 2016

Hello people of the internet! Now that most of us are adults we don't get to celebrate Halloween in the traditional sense. No more getting dressed up and going trick or treating. What a bummer... Well, now that we're adults we can have our own fun. Today I'm going to show you how to throw your own grown-up Halloween party! You'll never have to miss out on the fun again!

Halloween decor

(All items above available in Dealz)

First things first, you need to decorate! For the past couple of years, I've been picking up my decorations from Dealz (aka Poundland).You can find amazing banners, candle holders and basic things like cobwebs and spooky tinsel. I really love the stick on poison labels. You can instantly turn your favorite alcohol bottles into a cute prop!

There are definitely a few other ways to spook up your favorite haunt. Use this template and add some bats to your lamp shade. All you have to do is cut them out, tape the bats to the inside of your lamp shade and flick on the light! Simple! Or take the big googley eyes from Dealz, place them on your front door and wrap toilet paper or streamers in a zig-zag pattern. Make sure you let the eyes peek out! Take a look at the example here!

Easy halloween

Bomber jacket is from New look & Dress is from Boohoo from Asos.
Skeleton t-shirt is from New Look & Skeleton leggings are from Asos Curve

Now that your house is set up we need to get you a costume. Let's be honest, though? Why would you spend tons of money on a costume that you're going to wear once? Take a look at some of the costumes I put together below. And, my glitter skull makeup look is so easy to do! Some of my favorite easy costumes are Skeleton, Eleven from Stranger things, and a vampire. The best part is, you can wear pretty much every item again! 

Check out the guide below if you want to try some of the popular costume choices for 2016!

Okay, so your costume is done and guest are arriving soon. You need to make sure they have something to drink. Why not some American Horror Story themed cocktails?

If drinks aren't everyone's favorite ice-breaker why not try some games? Have a pumpkin carving contest with some of the templates here. Or try the mummy wrap game. Pair people up and whoever wraps their partner (head to toe) in toilet paper first wins! Loser takes a shot! Check out more game ideas below! 

For more grown-up Halloween party ideas check out this fun and free party pack from *Festive lights!

* = This is a collaborative post!

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