May Beauty Favorites || 2017

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May Beauty Favorites || 2017

Hello people of the internet! Is anyone else happy May is coming to an end? I think the month was kind of instantly ruined for me when my camera broke. But if you ask me, that's fair enough! So, roll on June! It's going to be a crazy busy month but, I have a feeling it's going to be amazing. Now, normally I would do a monthly favorites post. But for some reason only beauty products have come to mind! I would love to know what some of your favorite beauty products are at the moment!

Real Techniques Buffing Brush Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation L'oreal Pire Clay Detox Wash Urban Decay B6 Spray Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette Style Freedom Hair Detox Kit Mini Reviews

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation - I picked this up on boots in April I think? And, I absolutely hated it. It just seemed to cling to all the wrong areas of my skin or it wouldn't stick to my face at all. So, you're probably wondering why it's in my favourites post and why I seemed to have skipped over that Real Techniques buffing brush. I decided to give the foundation another go but with a brush instead of my beauty blender (I also popped a little bit of duraline into the mix). I applied it with the buffing brush and then got rid of any streaks with my beauty blender. And, holy shit did it make a difference! It's a fantastic full coverage foundation that truly is long lasting!

L'oreal Pure Clay Detox Wash - I really needed a new face wash and just grabbed this one because everyone and their mother seems to love the L'oreal face mask. I couldn't be more in love with it! The gel formula works so well with my oily skin. It cleared the (few) spots I had on my face in just a few washes as well. I also like to use it on the back of my arms because I tend to get little spots there as well. It really does the trick!

*Urban Decay B6 Spray - This was a part of my American Beauty Haul post! Obviously, you can get it at any Urban Decay counter though. I love using this pretty much all day long. I use it as a toner after I've washed my face before I apply my makeup, and after. It's really helped to regulate the oil on my face without drying it out. And, it's just damn refreshing.

Zoeva Caramel Melange Palette - The first time I saw this palette I was on Pinterest during my break. I think less than 4 minutes passed between me seeing it and buying it. That was November and I always use it on and off. This month it seems to be the palette I reach for the most. It's so pigmented and blends really well. The shimmers are like butter and I wish I could just cover my whole face in it.

*Style Freedom Hair Detox Kit - Last but certainly not least was this amazing Hair detox kit. I was lucky enough to have this sent over to me from the lovely people at Knight & Wilson. Style Freedom is a new range from Colour Freedom. You may have heard of it if you've ever been to a Superdrug. My hair tends to get a lot of build up. That's due to me dying it, using purple shampoo, and even dry shampoo. Over time that>build up can make your hair look greasy and limp. I love, love, love using this stuff once a week to give my hair a chance to breathe. And my hair is in love with this stuff too.

* = These products were given to me for review purposes but all opinions are my own!

What are some of your favorite products at the moment?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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