June Goals

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Hello people of the internet! We're halfway through the year already! (Well, technically at the end of this month we will be) Around this time of the year, I like to check in on the goals I set myself in January. I like to see how I'm getting on and reevaluate a few if I need too. So this month's set of goals is a mix of things I want to do this month as well as stuff I want to do for the rest of 2017!

Start Selling Prints - This is something I've wanted to do for a very, very long time. Like, long before I even started blogging. Last week I drew up this design and decided that I'm going to try to open a little print shop before the summer is out. Obviously, I need to come up with a few more prints but, it's going to happen! (If you like this print - I'm kind of taking non-payment pre-orders. I basically want/need at least 20 people to commit to purchasing a print before I'm going order them in bulk. Prints will be €10 including P&P!)

Start Vlogging - Before my camera broke (the drama is never ending lads), Dan and I were really discussing vlogging. Once again, it's something I've wanted to do for ages but I've never gotten around to doing it. When I finally have my flipp'n camera back I think we'll be giving it a go. Watch this space!

Bullet Journal - I feel like I've talked about this before. I love bullet journaling. I love how creative and organised it makes me feel. Over the past few months, I've been seriously slacking. I don't know why though! Every time I use my journal I find that I'm so much more productive and I feel less stressed out. So I'm going to use it more and I might even start doing posts on here involving bullet journaling too!

Skincare - This is one of those things that I always think I have down and then for some reason I'll forget to wash my face properly one night and it throws a wrench in the works. Now, that sounds like I just don't wash my face and all that. But, I just mean my routine gets ruined and it takes me about two weeks to get back into it. I swear, I had the clearest skin I've ever had last month and I was wearing SPF every day. I couldn't have been more proud of myself. I think I got a little too cocky and completely lost my routine! Does that happen to anyone else? Anyways, I just want to get that everyday routine back!

Blogging - This part is probably boring if you're not a blogger. Last month I felt like I fell off the radar. Obviously, a lot of that has to do with not having a camera. But, I need to remember that when I started my blog I didn't have my own camera at all. I borrowed Dan's and wrote other things that didn't involve a camera. As much as I adore photography, I fucking love writing stuff as well. You don't need a camera to be a blogger. 

Social Media - I really want to take my social media in a different direction. I want to start doing stuff that's more branded, motivational, and just more personal. I want to start a newsletter, I want to start doing Instagram live videos, I want this blog to be a whole experience that you get excited about when you see me post something. That's a lot to ask for but it's a long term goal! 

Wow, that's a lot of goals. Honestly, if I didn't do a post like this I probably wouldn't feel committed to these things at all. But yeah... Lots of goals. Big and small! Also, if you're interested in getting one of those prints: you can email me, tweet me, message me on Facebook or Instagram. If I get 20 pre-orders I can get them printed. Obviously, it won;t cost €200 to get them printed. But, to make it worth it I need to see if people will actually buy them! I'm in love with the print and would love to be able to print and sell it!

What are some of your goals for June/2017?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Let's be friends!

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  1. Can't wait to see the amazing things to come!

  2. Great goals!! I'm trying harder to look after my skin as well as part of my self care action plan.

    V <3

  3. Love this post- I'm mad to try bullet journalling myself!! x

  4. What a lovely print - so cute! Great goals - good luck with all of them. I totally know what you mean about falling out of a skincare routine easily - this happened to me last month, and one of my goals for June is to try and get it back. x www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk x

  5. You've got some great goals! I am looking forward to what you come up with for prints!

    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca/


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