Would You Do Your Job For Free?

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Hello people of the internet! Now, this isn't my usual kind of blog post. I guess these things are called "think-pieces" or as I call them, rants. I've been blogging for just over three years now. I feel like I've definitely earned my right to open up about certain things. As a blogger, I would say I also have a certain responsibility to (complain) talk about topics that plague our community. So, that's what I'm going to do.

So, as it's pretty obvious I am a blogger. But, being a blogger isn't that simple. I'm also a writer, an editor, a photographer, a secret photoshop genius, a social media manager, and an admin for my own site. That means I do a million jobs just to keep this site up and running. Everything you see on here and on all of my social media accounts is me. I spend hours creating content to then spend hours scheduling that content and hours engaging with people and their content.

If you run a business, you would probably hire people to do these things (obviously, not everyone can afford that and you probably do all of the same stuff I do and more.). You hire people because you know that it might not be your area of expertise or you just don't have the time.

So here lies the question, Why should I do this for free?

As many of you know, us bloggers are very lucky. Sometimes we get sent the latest products to do reviews on our blog. Some people would call these freebies but, as I said in the above paragraphs, it's a lot of work to put up a review. Or, every once in a while we get a sponsor post. That means we get paid for the post and all of our work across social media. For most of us, sponsor posts are pretty far and few between.

I liked to charge a fair price. When I say fair price I'm think of all of the hours I put into creating content and access to my fabulous and engaging audience. So, for most brands and business I ask for a flat €150 fee. I personally don't think that's asking for much? Would you go to a magazine/newspaper/popular online publication and think you would pay less than that? Hell no! You would with out a doubt pay more. Now, by no means do I think my blog is flippn' cosmo or something. But, I've worked my ass off for 3 years to create content and to create a fantastic community of followers.

Every time I send my fee onto a potential client I get so nervous. Why? Because a lot of brands think bloggers/creative people should be charging less. A lot of the time you're met with "I've had people charge less!" or just no response at all. Don't even get me started with asking for a budget. I've asked for a budget from brands and have been offered €5 for a post and content across all of my social media. Sorry, that will barely cover the price of my coffee. Or, you even get offered to be paid in exposure. Let me ask my landlord if I can pay my rent in exposure and I'll get back to you.

I won't apologise for my fee. I won't apologise for wanting to get paid for work I pour my heart and soul into. I won't apologise for not negotiating.

What I will apologise for is thinking that exposure is payment. I will apologise for underselling myself in the past and possibly causing brands to think it's okay to undersell other bloggers.

I never got into blogging for the "freebies" or the money. I started doing this because I fucking love it. But, damn guys. It's about time that people stopped thinking that a retweet is a good as me being able to buy groceries.

My last question for you guys is, would you be willing to do your job for free? Because I won't anymore. 

Let's Be Friends!

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  1. I've worked on my blog for three years too, and it's just now gaining about 1,000 views a month. I'm so proud of it and would like to take that next step to monetize, so I admire your blogger business oriented mind! We work hard on our blogs and for some of us we would love be for this to be our actual job, while for others this IS their actual job, so you definitely should have a set price for brands/businesses, no question!

  2. I definitely think that bloggers should be paid for their work! A lot of people don't realize how time consuming it really is. I personally have a hard time knowing what to charge and this is something I really struggle with. I don't want to 'scare away' brands, but I would love to get more paid opportunities for myself. Great post!

    xo, Liz

  3. I have a post in my drafts just like this!! I totally agree, bloggers put so much time and effort into their blogs and other sites. Why should this be done for free? Especially when you're endorsing companies' products

  4. I worked 3 months for free, my boss called it training. The worst part of it was after the three months I didn't even get a thank you, that was the worst. I worked for him during his busy season, training being paid nothing, despite having 15 years experience in my field.


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