Full Face Of First Impressions || Part Two

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Full Face Of First Impressions || Part Two

Hello people of the internet! In case you didn't know, I started a little mini series of first impressions earlier this week. In my first post I talked about all of the face products I used to create the look below. And today, I'll be talking about the products I used on my eyes, brows, and lips. There were definitely some great products this time!

Products I Tested Out

 Freedom Makeup London #ProArtist Ultimate Mattes Palette Kat Von D - 'Chrysalis' eye shadow palette Essence I Heart Colour Intensifying Primer

Essence Make Me Brow  Makeup Revolution Lip Gloss in Conviction

 Freedom Makeup London #ProArtist Ultimate Mattes PaletteKat Von D - 'Chrysalis' eye shadow paletteEssence I Heart Colour Intensifying PrimerEssence Make Me Brow Makeup Revolution Lip Gloss in Conviction

Full Face Of First Impressions || Part Two
Full Face Of First Impressions || Part Two

Freedom Makeup London #ProArtist Ultimate Mattes Palette - I picked this palette up in July and for some reason never got around to using it. When I purchased it, this palette on cost €6! I've bought palettes from Tam Beauty (Makeup Revolution, I Heart Makeup, etc) before and I usually love the. This one is no exception.I used one of the shades to fill in my brows. And another good few on my eye lids. They shadows are very pigmented, easy to blend, and don't have a lot of fall out

Kat Von D - 'Chrysalis' Eye Shadow Palette - My boyfriend was lovely and gave me this palette for my birthday! I've been dying to try it out for a while now. I used the purple shades. Dear lord, these shadows are so pigmented! There is a bit of fall out from the shadows but, if you tap your brush out on the pan first it won't get on your face. They matte shades blended so unbelievably well. And, it was really easy to build up the color to make it more intense.

Essence I Heart Colour Intensifying Primer - I'm going to be honest, I don't know if this really made much of a difference. I normally use concealer and and some translucent powder to prime my eyes. I guess it does the job. But, it didn't seem like my eye shadow was more intense like the name says. And, I can't vouch for lasting power either. I took my makeup off right after I finished taking photos. 

Essence Make Me Brow - I love this stuff! I've only been using clear brow gel for the longest time and decided to this out. It makes my brows look way more full than they normally look. 

Makeup Revolution Lip Gloss in Conviction - This stuff is crazy pigmented. It's so dark and glossy. To me, it looks like grape jelly (jam) and I love it. I'm not usually a fan of lip glosses but this one is so beautiful I'm going to be using it all Autumn long!

Overall, I'm so happy with pretty much everything in today's post. My two favorite things are definitely the eye shadow palettes. The matte one is such a great budget buy for everyday looks. And the Kat Von D palette is so fun and I can see myself using it a lot this season.

What's your favorite eye shadow palette at the moment?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. That lip gloss is to dye for *runs off to buy it for myself*
    Britt | http://alternativelyspeaking.ca


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