Photo Diary || Paris 2019

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Photo Diary || Paris 2019

Hello people of the internet! One of the craziest things I've done in a while was heading to Paris with two of my best friends! We decided to go on this mini trip when Panic! At The Disco announced their European/UK tour. Our first option sold out instantly but we managed to grab tickets for the Paris show. So in September, we booked our flights and Airbnb place and just waited. Before we knew it March was upon us and we were heading to Paris!

Bit of a warning, this post is super long and photo heavy!

Photo Diary || Paris 2019 - Pints & PassportsPhoto Diary || Paris 2019 - Pints & Passports
Photo Diary || Paris 2019 - Wing of the plane while we were flyingPhoto Diary || Paris 2019 - Our Airbnb

The three of us flew out of Cork airport and landed in Charles De Gaulle Airport before heading to our Airbnb. It was an adorable ground floor apartment (check it out here). Which happened to be only a 10-minute walk to the venue for the show. We didn't spend much time here but when we did it was the perfect cosy space for 3 people!

Photo Diary || Paris 2019 - The Sun setting on the Paris Philharmonic orchestra building
Photo Diary || Paris 2019 - The Sun setting on the Paris Philharmonic orchestra building
Photo Diary || Paris 2019 - Two girls crossing a street in Paris

Along with being 10 minutes away from the Zenith (the venue), we were only a few minutes away from incredible places like the Paris Philharmonic concert hall which is a sight to see in of itself. We spent our first night there wandering around and seeing what was nearby. We walked around the Parc De La Villette (just found out while writing this that it's the third largest park in Paris) and Avenue Jean Jaures. There was so much around that you could have explored it all for hours. I wish I could remember the name of the restaurant we ate at that first night. But, the staff was lovely and it was really affordable (I am the worst travel blogger ever). 

Photo Diary || Paris 2019 - Two girls crossing a street in Paris
Photo Diary || Paris 2019 - Two people walking by the Paris Philharmonic building

Photo Diary || Paris 2019 - Carousel in Parc De La VillettePhoto Diary || Paris 2019

Photo Diary || Paris 2019

Day 2

Day two was our only full day there. We made a rough outline of what we wanted to do that day. Which included heading to the Eiffel Tower, visiting The Louvre, finding a Sephora, a Pandora shop, and maybe a record shop. All before heading to the gig later that night.  Believe it or not, most of that was completely achievable. I say most because apparently The Louvre is flippn closed on Tuesdays! Who knew!?

Since The Louvre was closed for the day we decided to just wander around. We stumbled across this cute, American-style diner. Definitely some of the best food I've had in a while. Afterwards, we went to a pretty big Sephora. I behaved and only bought a Fenty lipstick. Around the corner was this weird little record shop. Not going to lie, I popped my head in and decided to wait outside. It was full floor to ceiling of anything and everything music related. Afterwards, we found a mall and of course found a Pandora. Once we ticked everything off of our personal boxes we sat outside and had a lovely pint in the sun. 

After heading back to our Airbnb and chilling out for a few hours we finally made our way to the show. I've spent most of my life obsessed with Panic! At The Disco. And, I'm very lucky that I've seen them a few times before this. But this show was something else. The feeling of going into the venue was electric. I cried a lot. Every time I see them live it's a religious experience I swear. The only disappointing thing was them not finishing with "I Write Sins Not Tragedies".  That kind of made it feel like the end of an era for me.

Day 3

The last day we were there was a bit insane. We were still determined to go to The Louvre before catching our flight. Which if you've ever been there you'll know is kind of a gamble. So, we left early and told ourselves that once we got inside we had an hour to see what we wanted to see. Ryan and I had already been there before in previous trips so we've kind of seen a lot. Pam however was dying to see the Mona Lisa and the Venus De Milo. Somehow we managed it! And we even had time to wander around Napoleon's Apartments.

We quickly grabbed our things and headed on a train back to the airport.

Whew! I commend you if you've made it all the way to the end of this post. I hadn't been abroad in almost 7 years so of course, I took way too many pictures. It honestly felt like the experience of a lifetime to go to Paris with two of my closest friends to see one of my favourite bands. If they did another European tour again I would definitely pick Paris as my city of choice. Gig or no gig, I'll be heading back to Paris soon enough!

Also, if you want to sign up to Airbnb feel free to use my link! I'll make a bit of money towards trips if you actually stay somewhere but you can also make money by inviting your friends too!

Where's your next trip to?
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