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Saturday, April 27, 2019

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Hello people of the internet! Fashion might be a constant renewal, but it’s not easy to pick your style when every shop seems to change its entire collection every few weeks. More importantly, it seems completely impossible to pick something as unique as you are. Of course, your high street brands have some amazing items. Nobody denies that! But how many other girls will be buying and wearing the exact same items? Don’t even begin to think about it! The number is beyond what we can imagine! If you want to stand out in a world where everybody turns into the same straight-out-of-the-shop person, you need to focus on refreshing your fashion radar. Indeed, when you spend most of your time in the same area, it’s difficult to be creative about shapes and colors any longer. Ultimately, you have no choice but pick up what your local shop has to offer because your routine has affected your sense of creativity, fashion fun and personality. You need an inspiring trip to reset your fashion radar! 

A peaceful and bright destination

Let’s be honest; you need a change of horizon. Did you know that with time most people’s sense of fashion turns toward neutrals and grays as a way of mimicking their urban environment? You have to inject more colors into your perceptions of towns. There are cozy little villages in Italy where each house is painted in a different shade. Take a look at the Amalfi coast tours, for instance, which offer an exciting insight into the colorful and bright landscape of the Italian coastline. The proximity to the sea adds more diversity and colors to the place, creating a dramatic cliff landscape, surrounded by vegetation that reflects into the blue of the Mediterranean Sea. Needless to say, you’re in a for a colorful treat! 

Bring new colors to your daily beauty

The best way to let an exciting destination inspire you is by creating a makeup style that reproduces some of your favorite accents. The Amalfi Coast, for instance, uses hues of dark greens and pale blues, combined with the pale rock of the cliffs. And tada, you’ve got yourself the perfect seasonal smokey eye makeup. If you want less dramatic, you can take inspiration from the coral-painted houses to highlight your cheekbones, while adding a touch of pastel blue like the sky to your eyes. 

Get inspired by local girls

Last, but not least, you are likely to find your favorite high street brands abroad. But you will discover the creative ways in which the local girls mix and match items. The perfect Italian style, for example, embraces drama. Feather accessories are mandatory; they transform a dull outfit into something vibrant. Italian girls have a long love story with tailored clothes. You’re likely to find them wearing tailored suits in busy cities, combined with a sophisticated top and elegant heels. Perhaps you can invest in an everyday suit to revive your wardrobe too. 

Italy is the best place to be if you’ve hit a fashion dead end. The country explodes with energetic and lively colors, between the historic structures and the landscapes. But, more importantly, it’s a country that is proud of its fashion. Local girls such as Sophia Loren – the Italian actress is as beautiful and stylish as ever at 84 –  have an innate sense of style and elegance that can be a source of inspiration for you. 

* = This is a partnered post and may contain affiliate links

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