Dungeons and Donuts Galway

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Dungeons and Donuts Galway

Hello people of the internet! One of my favorite things to do when I travel is eat. I love finding places that I've never even remotely heard of to grab a quick bite at. One of my Instagram friends who used to live in Galway directed me to Dungeons and Donuts. This place is awesome for two reasons: a.) Reasonably priced, cool/ delicious donuts b.) They also sell everything from Warhammer figures to Magic (The Gathering) Cards.

This place appeals to me on both levels. I love donuts and I'm (believe it or not) very "nerdy." The guy at the counter was really nice. He didn't even mind me taking all of these pictures. The hard part about being in a place like this though is the choices.. As you can see, There is a donut for just about everyone. I ended up grabbing one with an Oreo in the middle and a cappuccino. That only cost me €3.00! I left as soon as I could otherwise I would have kept buying donuts! 

Dungeons and Donuts Galway Oreo Coffee
Dungeons and Donuts Galway Oreo Coffee

This might actually be the first place I go to when I head up to Galway in May. I love the atmosphere of places like this. It's so chilled out. People were just chatting away with their coffees and painting some figures (they were also super-duper nice and let me take some pictures!).

Dungeons and Donuts Galway Warhammer

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