3.5 Syn Chocolate "Milkshake" || Slimming World

Monday, April 04, 2016

3.5 Syn Chocolate "Milkshake" || Slimming World

Hello people of the internet! As most of you know, I joined Slimming World last month. Obviously, this meant cutting down on sweets and things like ice cream. One day it came to me. And, it's been my go-to treat ever since. 

3.5 Syn Chocolate "Milkshake" Slimming World

All you need is

250 ml of Unsweetened Almond Milk (hexa)
2 chopped frozen bananas
3 heaped tsps of Cadbury drinking chocolate

1. Chop your bananas into 1 in thick sections and pop them in the freezer overnight.

2. (Next day) Mix 250 ml of unsweetened almond milk and 3 heaped tsps of Cadbury drinking powder into your blender of choice. I recommend giving these two a good blend before adding the bananas. 

3. Add your frozen banana pieces into the chocolate milk mixture. 

4. Blend until smooth! You may have to add a little more milk. But, just add a drop or two at a time!

5. Serve it up!

The Cadbury drinking chocolate is only 3.5 syns for 3 heaped tsps. I also asked my slimming world consultant about blending the bananas and she said it was fine. 

This is perfect in the morning with breakfast and ever better after dinner! It's an amazingly thick "milkshake" too. Think, McDonalds consistency! Honestly, I would have this even if I wasn't doing Slimming World. You can add more fruit, more chocolate, maybe some vanilla extract! It's a great dairy free alternative to a milkshake. Also, if you don't add as much milk (maybe 25ml) The consistency is about the same as soft serve ice cream!

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