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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

If you love affordable, cute fashion, you are reading the right blog post! I came across MissRebel while browsing The Blogger Programme today. They're having a contest where you can win a £250 online voucher for posting your MissRebel wish list. Now, I absolutely fell in love with this brand (they even have a great plus size selection *thumbs up*) today. I already had a mental wish list so I figured why not make it into a blog post and possibly win everything!

Let's start with the two dresses I picked from the "plus size" section. They first one I can just see going with EVERYTHING. It looks like it would be easy to transition from day to night by adding a blazer or a leather jacket. The second one is more of a night look. I think it would great with either sheer tights or maybe some matte coloured tights for the perfect contrast. You could ever do a sleek bun and pair it with heels or flats!

The next items are shirts and a cardigan. This #selfie tank would go well with one of my many high waisted skirts. Mini or maxi. Just grab a cardigan and you're ready for the chillier weather. Item two, the colour of this cardigan just screams Autumn to me! Wine red is such a cosy colour. My everyday outfits tend to consist of t-shirts, skinny jeans, and flats. Cardigans are great items for that autumn transition as I said above! Last, is this adorable Chicago tee. I'm actually from Chicago so I love anything with my home town on it!

Last but not least are these adorable bags and this AMAZING bodysuit! First bag is like a plastic "wet look" I love all the detail in the pattern. Second bag is a very cute on trend item. Faux fur seems to be pretty in for A/W this year. Now, this body suit.. I'm obsessed with Halloween. I need this in my closet. It would look great with a short circle skirt or a black maxi skirt.

Overall, this is only a select few items in my mental wish list. As you can see though this brand is absolutely adorable! Their prices are also pretty damn sweet if I do say so myself! I had fun looking through everything and making this post and I hope I even get considered for the prize! Check out www.MissRebel.com today!

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  1. I love that wetlook dress! And the bodysuit is so amazing!



    1. Thanks for the comment, lovely! I was even thinking that you could use the wetlook dress as a top under a maxi or short circle skirt!



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