Adorable D.I.Y Christmas Wrapping Paper| Blogmas: Day 2

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Adorable DIY Christmas wrapping paper TutorialHello people of the internet! Day two of  (hopefully) 31! I really want to try to do a blog a day for this month. Try being the key word here. Just to kind of document December in all of it's awesome-ness. Today, I'm going to show a super easy way to up your present wrapping game! 

DIY Christmas wrapping paper Tutorial

What you'll need: 
White out- you can use a white paint marker or any other kind of marker. I just prefer White Out.
Marker- you'll be using this to mark out where you want your design. You could even use a pencil or pen if you would like!
Brown Paper- I bought a roll of brown parchment paper in a craft shop for €1. Pretty much all craft supply stores should have this!

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper Tutorial

Step One:
Mark out where you would like to place your design. You can also draw out whatever you would like. You don't necessarily have to do this step. If you wanted you could skip it. I just like it to get a clearer idea of where I'm going.

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper Tutorial
DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper Tutorial

Step Two:
Slowly start going over your design with your chosen medium. I love the way white looks on brown paper! Also, if you couldn't tell I love being a wee bit messy.

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper Tutorial

Step Three:
Complete the pattern you started or start another one! You don't even have to stick to patterns! As you can see below I did a couple designs. 

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper Tutorial

I love doing things like this. It just gives a little bit more of a personal feel to gifts. Guys, I'm seriously so effing excited for Christmas this year! We started putting up some decorations and lights in our living room last night and oh my goodness... Them Christmas feels! I've already started working on a couple more holiday themed post for later this month! Are you excited yet guys!?!

What's your favorite part of giving presents?
Let me know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter!

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