*Kinlay Hostel Review

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Kinlay Hostel Review
Hello people of the internet! When I went to Galway for the ITWBN Blogger event I was lucky enough to be able to *stay at the Kinlay Hostel! I found about about them through Galway Hour which is just a fun little thing on twitter to promote local businesses and have a bit of craic. I usually participate in the Cork Hour as well! I absolutely fell in love with the place via their website and was dying to stay there. Fate stepped in and made it possible. It was such a great experience!

This video doesn't even show how awesome this place is. The common area/kitchen look exactly like the pictures and the video. It had an extremely chilled out atmosphere with great music playing. The staff was so friendly and helpful. They felt super approachable too! After dropping my stuff off in my room I went and had a relaxing cuppa tea in the kitchen. It was clean and well organized. That has to be one of my favorite thing about Hostels. I love having the option to make my own food. It's definitely a huge reason I usually pick hostels over hotels!

After having some more tea, I headed up to my room. I was going to attempt to hang out in the common area a bit more but I was absolutely wrecked! My bed was so comfortable. Like it felt like my own bed, but better. Once again, it was extremely clean as was the bathroom. What more can you ask for? Oh yeah, good wifi. Perfect, fast, free wifi. I used my laptop with out any issue. I could even watch a few youtube videos before falling asleep. I wish I was able to get more pictures. Actually, I wish I could have just stayed in Galway. It was such a cozy night's stay. I'm hoping to stay there again when I go up for the ITWBN Blogger Event in May! 

Have you ever been to Galway?
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*=Room was provided for me.

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