Sleek Makeup Wishlist

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Sleek Makeup Wishlist
Hello people of the internet! Sleek Makeup is slowly becoming a lot of people's go-to brand. Their makeup is inexpensive and found in most Boots stores. Yet, you almost get a high street feel from it. It's hard not to add just about everything to this! Here's the things at the absolute top of my wishlist!

Sleek Makeup Skin

Skin Products

Sleek Makeup Eyes

Eye Products

Sleek Makeup Lips

Lip Products
Matte Me in Rioja Red: €6.49
Pout Paint in Milkshake: €7.00
Pout Paint in Lava: €7.00
True Color Lipstick in Tangerine Scream: €5.99
True Color Lipstick in Exxxagerate: €5.99

There you have it! I know it's a lot but as you can see.. It's all so AMAZING! I'm definitely leaning more towards warmer colors. I'm just so ready for Summer at this point.

What is on your makeup wishlist right now?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. I love Sleek, they have such a big range of products. I especially love their eyeshadow palettes.

    Bethan Likes

  2. Sleek is slowly becoming one of my favorites. I haven't seen the highlighting palette anywhere before but it looks amazing!
    Girl in a Whimsical Land


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