April Favorites

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Favorites

Hello people of the internet! It's that time of the month where everyone is sharing their current favorites! I narrowed it down to my top 9 favorites for this month! Does anyone else feel like this month just flew by? To be perfectly honest, this whole year so far is just going over my head. I also have some fabulous news! My blog has been nominated on the long list for the Irish Bblog Awards! I'm up for the Best Design and Best Newcomer! I'm over the flippn moon guys! Oh, and the ITWBN Blogger event is coming up in less than two weeks now. May should be amazing! How has your month been?

1.Urban Decay: Perversion Mascara - You guys might remember me raving about the Naked On The Run palette in this post last month. This mascara has made me realize why people pay so much for high end makeup. I honestly think this is my all time favorite mascara. It's jet black and makes my lashes longer and fuller than ever!

2.Once Upon A Time - I've heard so much hype about this show for the past year or two. I went into it with low standards and I fell in love! I'm only on episode 5, So no spoilers please! I'm actually starting it back on episode one as I write this. I'm trying to get my mom into it as well! If anyone is stuck for a new show to watch I 100% recommend this one!

3.Sleek Matte Me in Petal - I found this in February and it made it into my 4 favorite pink lipstick post! It's a liquid to matte lipstick and it's such a perfect Spring color and a near perfect dupe for Lime Crime's Cashmere. I'm all for boycotting Lime Crime due to their troubled past and this is an amazing lipstick and it's only €6.49!

4.Cocoa Brown Tough Stuff - If you're looking for a body exfoliator this should be your first purchase! I've mention it before in my beauty favorites post. It lives up to it's name and it's great for giving yourself perfect summer-ready skin. And, it's actually pink!

5.Oatmeal - You might have seen on my facebook page that I'm do a No Junk Food Challenge. I've pretty much rediscovered my love for oatmeal this month. I've been having mine with cocao nibs and peanut butter. Almost like a reese's peanut butter cup but good for you! It's so delicious! 

6.Green Tea - I used to be absolutely addicted to green tea and for whatever reason I stopped drinking it entirely in January. Actually, I think it had to do with that teatox thing I did. I kind of gave up on tea altogether because that was such a mess. Anyways, I'm back to having 3 cups a day while I do my work every morning! I forgot how good it makes me feel!

7.Stitch Tsum Tsum - On my recent trip up to Dublin, I discovered Tsum Tsums at the Disney store! Fun fact about me: Stitch is probably my all time favorite Disney character! I just had to get the mini one to keep in my bag. I can't wait to get like a million more. 

8.Hallelujah by Panic! At The Disco - My favorite band released a new single! I feel like I can live again. It's truly, truly, amazing and every time I hear it I smile so much! Brendon's vocals are always just getting better and better. I could go on about how amazing this song is for days!

9.Sunshine - How could I not include the beautiful(ly unexpected) weather we've been having. I've been having so much fun hanging out with Dan in the sun. Plus, I've been able to just wear a dress with a cardigan. There's nothing better! 

So guys, what are some of your favorites from this month?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. Got somee great favourites! I have also been loving the sunshine! Makes a change from the grizzly weather :) Great Post! Xxx

    Anisha ♥ All You Need Is Red Lipstickl

  2. Although being a fella make up not my thing. I thought help you on the way to 12,000 views.

  3. I've got a travel size perversion to try out, how is the staying power for you? I'm scared to part with my They're Real haha!



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