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Friday, August 07, 2015

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Hello people of the internet! How've you been? It feels like it's been forever since I last posted. Even though, it's only been a few days!! The other day during a blogger chat we were all talking about budgets. Like, can you run a blog with no money. I for one can say, fuck yeah you can. You can have a super tight budget and still run your blog. I figured I'd share of my tips for anyone who is just starting a blog or if you're interested in saving a little more. 

Beauty Bargains - Find dupes of your favorite products! There are so many amazing budget friendly brands like Wet'n'Wild, Essence, and Catrice. 

Polyvore - If you aren't able to get the pictures you're aiming for Polyvore is great! You can put together collages of outfits and beauty products. I find it a great help for when I make wishlist posts. 

What do you have - You don't always need to go out and buy new things for a post (even though it's great)! Look through your closet or your make up bag. Write about your favorite recipe or get personal with your audience. 

Thrift Shops - If you're a fashion lover you need to be checking out thrift shops. My rule is to check out all of my local thrift shops first and then go to Primark, H&M, and New Look. Go in with an open mind and a plan. Some of my favorite pieces have come from thrift shops. You usually pay a fraction of the high street price too!

What's your best tip for blogging on a budget?
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  1. Best tip: learn about photography and learn to take photos of yourself. Got an iPhone? Great go to Winners or Marshalls, get yourself a tripod and set that timer. You can touch up the lighting later with photo apps! That's a huge one for fashion bloggers especially (being one myself ...)

  2. Love this! Brilliant tips :)

  3. Great tips! Another tip for fashion bloggers is rewearing clothes instead of buying new all the time, people will be inspired by seeing different ways of wearing pieces.

  4. Such great ideas, and I haven't yet ventured into the Polyvore world yet, so that was especially great to find out! Thanks!
    xoxo, | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog 
    also on BLOGLOVIN 

  5. I take most of the photos myself. I do use an iPhone a lot of the time too. You don't need fancy cameras all the time - learning the right angles of having a friend take photos can improve your shots. I often go to charity shops and see what there is. Plus I find a wish list is a great way to show you know whats in fashion without having to buy every trend!

    Jenn | Jennifer Jayne


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