Cork Pride 2015

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

a rainbow flag with white text reading cork pride 2015

Hello people of the internet! On Sunday I attended the 10th Annual Cork Pride Parade. I arrived early so I could have every opportunity to snap pictures. It was amazing to see people slowly trickling in. This by far was the biggest pride parade I've been to yet. I'm pretty sure there were about 700-900 people marching in the parade. For the first time ever, it wasn't just a protest to show that we, the LGBTI community, are equal. It was also a celebration of our country finally recognizing that we are. The parade was lead by people carrying flags from various countries where being apart of our community is still against the law. It's a reminder that we are privileged to have the people of Ireland behind us when many counties will still sentence people to death for being gay.

we Love the same cork pride parade
rainbow flag being held by people
pink shirt reading demand a better future in white text
small child holding a rainbow flag and smiling
giant rainbow lgbti flag held by many people
a parade of people holding the lgbti flag marching
people marching in Cork City for the 10th annual pride parade

I've been going to the Cork Pride Parade pretty much since I moved here. It's been such an honor to see it grow every year. I have been able to see familiar faces make an appearance every year. And, I've been so happy to see new, young faces join in. Times have changed so much since I was their age. I remember the first year I was in the parade, we had about 200 people marching and a lot of unsure onlookers. This year we had cars of people honking their horns to join in and show their support. In the past seven years I've lived in Ireland, I've had the chance to see it's true self. It's supportive, welcoming, and beautiful self. I think it says a lot about Ireland that I've never once seen anyone picket our parades or dare scream hate at us. Cork Pride is a place where you can be proud to be who you are and we'll welcome you with open arms. 

Have you ever been to a pride parade?
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  1. I'm so proud! #LoveWins ♥

  2. It's so lovely to see how far Pride events have progressed. Your pictures are wonderful :) I've never been to one myself but I think that's because I only find out about them afterwards haha.

    I have a giveaway for more than £50 worth of Benefit make up at the moment, anyone can enter!
    Michelle x

  3. Beautiful post - Cork looked so colourful! Amazing to see how far pride has come on our little island x

  4. What a gorgeous post! Love seeing love and pride celebrated!

  5. Cork Pride is always such a lovely celebration, was gutted to miss it this year but will be there with bells on next year! Great photos.

  6. I went to Zurich pride for the first time this year and loved the experience! It was way bigger than I expected and thousands of people were watching while we marched through the city. A great experience really!

  7. Carried one of the country flags on the day, even though it was windy and wet, the atmosphere was really warm.


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