Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Reasons Why Autumn Is The Best

Hello people of the internet! My favorite time of the year is upon us! Autumn is the best season there is. I could literally talk about how much I love it forever. Is anyone else excited? I always feel like Autumn is a great time for new things. It always just feels so crisp and new. 

1. Crunchy leaves - I was walking home the other day and saw a bunch of crunchy leaves on the ground. I made a detour just so I could go over and step on them. Oh my god, it's such a weird thing to love but... I can't help it. The sound of leaves crunchy underneath my feet makes me so happy.

2. Long walk - Autumn is the best time for walks. It's not too warm, not too cold. There's a lovely crispness to the air that just gives me life. 

3. Rosy cheeks - Who needs blush when there's a chill in the air? I also love when the tip of my nose gets a little pink. 

4. Hot drinks - Pumpkin Spice Latte anyone? I love sitting outside in the morning with a nice warm cup of coffee, breathing in the Fall air... I think I have an obsession with air guys...

5. Halloween - I've already started planning out my Halloween decorations. I could honestly have Halloween stuff up all year round. It's without a doubt my aesthetic. 

6. My anniversary - Obviously, this doesn't affect anyone but me and my boyfriend. But, as of October 31st we've been together for 5 years! It's absolutely insane. I actually called him on September 1st when I realized how close our anniversary is. 

7. Dark makeup - I feel like wearing dark makeup in the summer is so hard. It's always too warm for me to wear all of that makeup. In Fall though.... I get to wear full coverage foundation, and I get to do smokey eyes. I love a good vamp-y look. 

8. Fall Fashion - Scarves, boots, jackets, and so much more! 

9. Colors - I love watching the leaves change colors. I also love dark reds, burnt oranges, and grey-ish purples. 

10. Pumpkins -  They're probably one of my favorite parts of Autumn! You can have pumpkin pie, you can carve them, paint them, have them in lattes, they're amazing!

What are you favorite things about Autumn?

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  1. my favourite is hot drinks!! Hot chocolate with marshmallows mmmm..

  2. I love this post, I'm most excited about hot drinks,dark makeup and fall fashion. I can't wait to wear sweaters and boots <3

    Valentina from FASHION with VALENTINA.

  3. Basically everything in this post is exactly why I love Autumn! :P Best time of year ever <3 I don't care what weird people say about pumpkin spice lattes. I freaking love them. I'm filled with jumper and scarf-wearing excitement. :P || facebook

  4. This whole post gives me mega Autumn feels! By far and away the best season there is. That's so lovely you and your boyfriend's anniversary is on Halloween, completely jealous! my birthday's Halloween and I'd basically pick it for every other major life event!

    Excellent post x

  5. I love it! You really captured the feeling of the season through your own unique lens and I felt inspired to do autumny stuff after reading it. Definitely gonna be grabbing myself a pumpkin spice latte some time in the near future ;)


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