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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Creepy guy in cemetery

Hello people of the internet! Sorry for taking another break, I went out on Friday and then I hung out with my friends on Saturday. I actually went to bed at like half eight last night and got 13 hours of sleep!  It was needed, okay? When I hung out with my friends (Pam and Ryan) yesterday we decided to get all dressed up, put on loads of weird makeup (I had horns on), and take some pictures in an old cemetery. Here's a few of the pictures! 

Three ghostly figures in a graveyard
Horned woman being stalked by a creepy man in a cemetery
terrifying girl in a cemetery
Three ghostly creatures lurking in a cemetery

There you have it! It was so much fun taking these. And... not going to lie a bit creepy too. We all took turns taking the pictures so I just wanna give Ryan and Pam credit! Hope you're all having a lovely weekend. I'm currently curled up in bed with ice cream (even though it's freezing and like 9 in the morning). 

Which one is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. I love the first picture... it looks creepy!! but overall I love it, very exotic!

  2. Love these photos! Very spooky yet chic, and appropriate considering the time of year ^_^

  3. This is so impressive!!


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