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Sunday, October 11, 2015

red leaves growing over a building with four windows

Hello people of the internet! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday. Last night when I was going through my SD I came across some pictures from Dublin! I must have taken them between the Boots event and taking street style pictures. I absolutely love them though and just needed to share them with all of you. Some of them were taken in St.Stephen's Green and some were from the Disney store. I hope you like them! 

hundreds of fallen orange leaves
Lock, Shock, and Barrel from Nightmare before Christmas in a jack'o'lantern
Giant tree surrounded by hundreds of fallen leaves
Giant Mickey Mouse tsum tsum
walk way surrounded by trees in St.Stephen's Green Dublin, Ireland
Lady, Sven, Olaf, Anna tsum tsums

Which one is your favorite?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. I absolutely love these! The first and fifth pictures are my favourite x

    Abi | abistreetx

  2. I love fall pictures, especially all the trees!! My favorite is the one in between the stuffed animals. So pretty! I also love houses/apartments covered in vines/flowers. So the beginning picture is gorgeous too! I need to remember to visit Dublin in autumn! :)

  3. Such beautiful images but my personal favourites were the 3rd and 5th from the top:)

  4. Beautiful post! I actually think I saw you outside the Disney shop there, and I said to my boyfriend "I think that's Meggan!" and he said oh go say hello...but then my nerves got the better of me so I didn't :(
    I particularly love the St Stephen's Green photos here; such an amazing place to wander around.


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