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Monday, October 12, 2015

SoSu Nail polish by Suzanne Jackson in Cast A Spell

Hello people of the internet! Last night I came up with an idea to do more reviews. If you've been keeping up with Blogtober you'd know that I was lucky enough to attend three events at the start of the month. That's three goodie bags of products to share with you guys. Which, if you didn't know is the purpose of goodie bags. So I decided to do some more reviews this month! Today, I'm starting with the SoSu nail polish in Cast A Spell!

SoSu nail polish by Suzanne Jackson in Cast A Spell

SoSu nail polish is Irish Blogger Suzanne Jackson's brand. As of right now there are 24 colors ranging from bright pastels, dark Autumnal shades, and glitter top coats. Their main selling point is that they're a gel polish without the lamp. So we're talking high shine and all of that jazz. But, with a price tag of €8 is it really worth it? 

Before trying SoSu nail polish I had seen plenty of people on snapchat wearing it. The colors looked amazing. I was particularly in love with a glitter top coat called Unicorn Dust. When I was gifted Cast A Spell in my Cocoa Brown goodie bag I was delighted to finally try it. 

When I first started painting my nails my only worry was that I wasn't going to like the color. I loved it though. It took about 2.5 coats to get a full even cover. I used the Isa Dora Gel Nal Lacquer top coat. I had heard that the SoSu nail polishes had a tendency to chip. This top coat is my go-to and usually keeps my nail polish going strong. 

The nail polish made it a little less than 24 hours before MAJORLY chipping. The whole thing of nail polish popped right off of one of my nails. I have like none left on my nails. I cannot believe how bad this nail polish is. Especially when it costs €8. Nothing worse than being excited to try a product and having it work out horribly.

Have you ever tried SoSu nail polish? What did you think?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!


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  1. Ah no! Sorry to hear this didn't work out for you and thanks for the heads up. Hope you had fun at the events anyway :)

    X Emma |

  2. Never tried them and I think I'll never will! thanks for the review, it's been super helpful! :) xx

  3. I found the exact same thing happened to my polish as well. I got a top coat in the Cocoa Brown goodie bag so going to give it another go but to be honest I'd much rather add an extra euro and buy an Essie Polish.


  4. Really like the new Autumn range. Wider brush and better formula. I'm wearing nude freak today will let you know how it goes!

  5. Very disappointing that it chips so badly, It looks like a lovely colour :) I'm sure she will make a new formula if she's some more reviews like this, I wont be ruling this brand out completely as of yet, they could get better :)

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