Two Faced - Halloween Makeup || Blogtober

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Two Faced - Halloween Makeup

Hello people of the internet! I've been trying to figure out a simple Halloween makeup idea to share with you guys. I'm not very good when it comes to stuff like that. But, people did seem to like my makeup for the photo shoot I did over the weekend when I posted it on twitter/snapchat. So I made this look for you! It's extremely easy to do. I promise you have most of the makeup already too!

Two Face - Halloween Makeup || Blogtober

1. Start your makeup as you normally would. Throw on some primer and then do your foundation routine. I then did winged eyeliner on one eye and only filled in one eyebrow. Can we all take a minute to look at how little my other eyebrow exists when I don't fill it in?

Two Face - Halloween Makeup || Blogtober

2. (on the opposite eye) Take a matte dark purple eyeshadow on your finger tip. Lightly rub it in the corner of your eye. I like to follow the area I usually cover with concealer. So, right underneath my eye and down a little bit more. You can blend this with your finger or just a big fluffy brush. Then take a dark matte brown and blend it with the purple. I also add dots of dark green and red and blend them with the other colors. 

Two Faced - Halloween Makeup || Blogtober

3. Repeat that process in small and scattered areas on your face to create a dramatic effect. I also put a put some dark brown in the corner of my mouth and around my nose.

Two Faced - Halloween Makeup || Blogtober

4. Apply some fake blood to your nose. Whenever I do this I use spray-able fake blood. I just spray it onto the middle part of my nose and let it drip naturally. I then sprayed some on the corner of my lip and blotted it with a makeup sponge.

This look is very easy to achieve but you can really turn some heads with it! I only use four different eyeshadows to create the bruises and I pretty much blended everything with my fingers. It's so simple!

Would you ever try a look like this?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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