Essence Spa - SanoVitae Cork Review

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Essence Spa - SanoVitae Cork Review

Hello people of the internet! On Thursday morning I was lucky enough to head over to the Essence Spa in SanoVitae (The spa/gym part of the wonderful Clarion Hotel in Cork) for a *Escale Beaute Mini Facial (€45) and a  Essence Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage (€45). Now, I have never been to a spa before. I was on Twitter the night before asking people what to wear. I was so nervous. But, the second I stepped in there I was relaxed!

After changing into my robe and slippers (provided at the front desk), I walked into the relaxation area. I was greeted by a lovely spa therapist named Rachel. She immediately grabbed a consultation form for me and a glass of water. After the consultation was done we made our way to one of the fully equipped treatment rooms.

There was beautiful music on and the lighting was perfect. I honestly couldn't believe how nice it was in there. That's part of the reason I was so calm. I got up on the table and prepared for my first ever facial. I had no idea what to expect. I just laid with my hands on my sides and hoped for the best. My god, was it the best.

Essence Spa - SanoVitae Cork Review

In the Essence Spa they use Yon-ka products. I had never heard of the company before. Now, all of the gift sets (starting at €48) available are on my wishlist. Every single thing Rachel used on my face smelled better than the last. I never knew I needed a facial so badly.  There was just something so nice about the mixture of different scents, textures, and temperatures.

Next was the massage.I didn't realize how truly relaxed I was until I tried to sit up. I turned over onto my stomach and put my face in that silly face-hole that I honestly, didn't believe was a real thing until that day. The massage was the thing I was most nervous about. I was scared it was going to be too hard. But, Rachel (being the amazing spa therapist she is) reminded me to be comfortable at all times. That if anything was too hard of if I wanted her to focus on any specific part to tell her. That really helped me ease my mind.

Essence Spa - SanoVitae Cork Review

I never knew how much tension I had in my shoulders. I could feel a difference in them when I was leaving. They didn't feel as stiff. My shoulders are a bit sore now but not in a like "I CAN'T MOVE" kind of way. Just like they've been stretched properly.

After my massage, Rachel told me there was no rush and that she would brew me a cup of herbal tea. I genuinely didn't feel rushed at all. I felt like I could take my time getting dressed and returning to normal. I left the treatment room and my tea was waiting for me. Rachel and I had a great conversation about my current skincare routine and what I needed to change. I'm actually so grateful that she took time to help me with that. I've been struggling with finding a better skin care routine all year.

Essence Spa - SanoVitae Cork Review

Overall, I am so pleased with the Essence Spa. The treatments I received are just two of many that the Spa offers. I spent some more time in the relaxation area while I had my tea. I noticed how relaxed I was. It was a different kind of relaxed too... I didn't feel a need to have my phone in my hand. I was more than happy to sit there and sip my tea. I want to say a huge thank you to the Essence Spa, SanoVitae, and the Clarion for having me! They asked me to also share their December offers with you! So be sure to check them out below!

The Perfect Christmas Gift

Relaxing Warm Oil Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Yon-Ka Escale Beaute Mini Facial
Quintessence Oils Hydrotherapy Bath
Yon-Ka Skin Consultation

90 min, Promotional price: €89.00 (normally €135.00)

Get ready for Christmas

Yon-Ka Escale Beaute Mini Facial
Quintessence Oils Hydrotherapy Bath
Yon-Ka Skin Consultation

60 min, Promotional price: €69.00 (normally €80.00)

Not just for the Boys:
Stocking Filler Treat

Yon-Ka Deep Pore Cleansing Mini Facial
Yon-Ka Skin Consultation

30min, Promotional price: €35.00 (normally €50.00)

All offers include complimentary use of the leisure centre facilities, recommended prior to your treatment
All above offers are subject to availability

* = Products/services were given to me for review purposes

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  1. I adore a spa day and try to have one as often as possible we should all treat ourselves cause we so deserve it X


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