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Friday, December 04, 2015

Cosy Gift Guide

Hello people of the internet! This will probably be my last gift guide of the season... Unless, I see a bunch of cool things that I just need to share with you. I didn't really want to put out all of these gift guides closer to Christmas. What's the point? So, that's why it's been ALL ABOUT THE GIFTS this week. This particular guide is for those people who are always in need of some chill out time. Whether they're always cold (hey mom!), in desperate need of some relaxation, or they're just a fan of some fluffy stickers! There is something here for them!

Costa Coffee Cup Set For Two - Debenhams €39.00

So Snug Turnover Socks - Boots €11.50

Hot Water Bottle & Mug Set - Primark €10.00

Happy Jackson Mug - Boots €11.50

Hot Water Bottle - Boots €17.00

Hot Water Bottle & Mug Set - Primark €6.00

You could also buy someone a Netflix subscription to go with one of these! Or buy them a bunch of biscuits and coffee (maybe a Starbucks gift card?). Personally, (aside from makeup) these are my favorite gifts to recive, You just know the person is going to use them and it's going to bring them comfort and coziness! How great is that?

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What are you favorite presents to receive? 
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  1. I love cosy gifts! The costa cups for two are perfect, will definitely be picking up some of those! :)
    Thanks for a great gift guide! X

  2. Oh! I actually got the "cosy up" mug set for my birthday (yesterday)! Great picks! I love these!

    Be | lovefrombe


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