Sunday Mornings || 5

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sunday Mornings || 5

Good morning people of the internet! Happy Valentine's Day! I hope whatever you're doing today is awesome. Mine and Dan's plans are to basically chill out with some Parks And Recreation. We did all our celebrating yesterday! What are you doing for Valentine's Day? 

Obsessing Over: Deadpool! One of the things Dan and I did yesterday was go to the cinema. We saw Deadpool because, well, why not? Neither of us were big fans of the trailer but it was surprisingly good! I could not stop laughing throughout the whole thing! 

Listening to: Snapchats. Who doesn't love a long Snapchat catch-up on a Sunday? I can't be the only person that kind of leaves them off until I have a cuppa something to relax with.

Workings on: My review for the rest of the Gwen Stefani collection for Urban Decay! Expect it on Monday or Tuesday!!

Thinking about: How absolutely lucky I am to be spending my sixth Valentine's Day with Dan. I couldn't think of anyone else I rather watch Parks and Recreation in bed with all day. He's my favorite persona and Valentine's Day always reminds me of how lucky I am.

Anticipating: Seeing the results of Fit February. Not going to lie, I've already started to see results from doing the squat challenge. My bum is looking... well.. better. I've been staying away from dairy and working out more and I'm just proud of how it's all going! I can't wait to finish off the month with the same motivation and drive as I started it with!

Drink: My morning teatox!

What are our plans for this week?
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  1. I'm planning on having a quiet week next week but I know it wont happen that way, something always pops up.

    Rosy | Sparkles of Light Blog

  2. Went to see Deadpool yesterday really enjoyed it! Very funny.
    Also, I do the snapchat thing too! I love watching them before I get into bed.

  3. I really need to see Deadpool! So many people are raving about it. Perhaps I'll drag my OH along on the weekend. For Valentine's Day, we went to our local pub for a carvery. It's our sixth Valentine's Day together and we celebrated our fifth anniversary last month, so we didn't do much. Just enjoyed a nice meal together! x x


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