Pretty Little Liars Inspired Makeup || Hanna

Saturday, March 05, 2016

Pretty Little Liars Inspired Makeup || Hanna

Hello people of the internet! I'm very, very excited for this post! If you didn't know, I am quite obsessed with Pretty Little Liars. I've been watching it since it first started. Watching it on Wednesdays is probably one of my favorite things to do every week (how sad?). I've been thinking about doing this series for a while now and just decided to effing to do it! Hopefully, you'll get a new PLL look each week now!

Pretty Little Liars Inspired Makeup || Hanna
Pretty Little Liars Inspired Makeup || Hanna
Pretty Little Liars Inspired Makeup || Hanna

All of the PLL girls' makeup is fairly simple. Hanna definitely has the most "complex" out of the four (yes, four, I will count Ali in) though. For the eyes, I smoked out a kohl liner on my top lashline and a little bit on my lower lashline. Then I blended the eyeliner on my upper lashline with a dark brown eyeshadow. When you do this you want to blend up and not out. You want to take a taupe color and then blend that upwards as well. The last thing you'll need to do is blend some gold/bronze shimmery eyeshadow into your top lashline (as close to the lashes as possible). To completely finish off the eye look, go mental with your mascara!

There are two things that come to mind when I think of Hanna's makeup: Pink lips and beautiful skin. For the skin, I pretty much used the same method as my Fresh Spring makeup look. Except, I didn't mix moisturizer with my foundation. I wanted to keep it full coverage. Instead of a powder blush, I used a bright pink cream blusher. Actually, that's another thing about Hanna's look. Heavy on the blush! To finish the look, I lightly applied a pink lipstick and then added a bit of lipgloss over it!

All of these looks are going to be fairly simple. They'll all be great for everyday looks too. I think I might do Aria's makeup next. Let me know who you'd like to see in next week's post!

Would you ever try this makeup look? 
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  1. That is gorgeous! Did you mean five though? With Ali you've got a core five, not four. ;) Looking forward to Spencer the most, because I'm predictable that way.


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