Summer Grunge || Makeup Look

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

 Summer Grunge || Makeup Look

Hello people of the internet! Lately, I've been ditching my winged eyeliner for a much more grungy look. As always it's a simple look that anyone can achieve with any brand of makeup. I even tried it out with different colors. Join me and kick the "fresh" look to the curb for a day or two this summer!

Summer Grunge || Makeup Look

Summer Grunge || Makeup Look

Summer Grunge || Makeup Look

Summer Grunge || Makeup Look
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I've been reaching for my Urban Decay Vice 4 palette more and more. These four shades have been my favorite for this grungy/smokey look. After I prime my lids with the Urban Decay potion primer I use Framed (1) as my transition shade (all over my lid).  Then I work my favorite shade from the palette, Bitter (2), into the outer corner and crease. 

Next, I used Discreet(3) to lighten up the center of my lid. Honestly, you could stop here and even through on some winged eyeliner and call it a day. But, I like to use Delete (4) in my crease and then I blend it out with a bit more of Bitter. 

All I did to darken my lash line was take an angled brush and use some more of Delete along the upper and lower lash line! To complete the look I used my favorite mascara, Urban Decay Perversion. Honestly, I like to have pretty matte skin with this look. Then, I like to highlight the hell out of my cheekbones. My favorite finishing touch is my Urban Decay Matte lipstick in 1993!

Like I said before, I tried this out with a few different color variations. Would you guys like to see more posts like this? Let me know I'd love to show you all the cool color combinations!

What kind of makeup are you going for this Summer?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. looooveeeeeee this <3 this is pretty much what my go to colours during the spring summer months ( although I can't bring myself to ever ditch the winged eyeliner haha) looks so nice on you, makes your blue eyes look amazing !! <3

    Leonie |


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