My Tattoo Collection || 2018

Thursday, April 12, 2018

My Tattoo Collection || 2018

Hello people of the internet! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you might know that I have a few tattoos. I've always wanted to write a post like this but I didn't think I had enough to make it post worthy just yet. In March I got my ninth tattoo and since I don't know when my tenth will be I decided to share the ones I have at the moment!

My Tattoo Collection || 2018

My first tattoo - This lil guy was my first ever tattoo. My favorite band is Panic! At The Disco so when I was 16 I decided to get a exclamation point on the inside of my arm. I wouldn't say I regret it? Because Panic! is still my favorite band. They have been since I was 11. But, I'm thinking of getting it covered with a much bigger piece and getting Panic's new logo somewhere else. It just takes up a lot of real estate if you know what I mean!

Second/third - Two years after getting my first tattoo I won a voucher for a local tattoo shop. I decided to get Bad Wolf written on my wrists for a very nerdy reason. Doctor Who! The first season is honestly my favorite. And, even though I've fallen out of love with the series (eff you Matt Smith) I still love what these represent.

The Lady - One of my boyfriend's childhood friends is a Tattoo Artist. He was only tattooing about a year or two when he popped this design up on his Facebook page. I messaged him about the price and two days later she was on my leg. I think she's adorable! Her hat reminds me of Anne Of Green Gables and when I don't shave my legs she gets a beard hahaha!

Cut A Bitch - Would you believe I got this tattoo because of Mary Berry? On the last proper season of Bake Off she said one of the most memorable quotes ever - "When the knife goes through it goes through as it should do." And, suddenly I wanted a pair of switch blades tattooed on me. This one is in the bend of my arm. My god, it was the most painful tattoo I've gotten. I couldn't speak during it, I just wanted it to be over. Which is crazy to me because I have a pretty high pain threshold. 

Ring Finger - This delicate little beauty was another impulse tattoo (spoiler pretty much all of mine are). When I say impulse I mean, I had thought of the idea for a while but just went into a shop randomly and booked it for two days later. It's probably one of my more complimented tattoos too!

Twice As Nice - Last December, I went back to my boyfriend's friend and had a look at his flash. I was immediately drawn to this design. I originally got the yellow flower on it's own. It was one of the least painful tattoos I've had. They're both on the top of my wrists so it was only the bits on the bone that hurt. I was desperate to get another tattoo for Christmas. So, I decided to get it again on the other wrist in blue. I love them both so much. The yellow one was my first ever color piece and it holds a special place in my heart.

Rebels for Repeal - Last but not least is my lovely little heart on the outside of my arm. Rebels for Repeal held a fundraiser on International Women's Day in aid of Repeal The 8th. Naturally, I had to get one. It's such a cute and girly design which is something I'd love to get more of in the future. (Check out my March Memories post here)

So that's nine in total for me now. I don't plan on stopping either. Fingers crossed, I should be getting my 10th one soon. I'm thinking of getting something to represent my blog. Since on the 14th of April Cardigan Jezebel will be turning four years old!

Do you have any tattoos?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Let's Be Friends!

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  1. I love this! All your tattoos are amazing. I only have four tattoos but I'm hoping to get another one soon..

  2. This makes me want another tattoo so bad. My first one was kind of impulse too. I've wanted one since I was about 16 but could never fully decide on a design. I went with my brother when he went to get one, fell in love with a design and booked it for 2 days later and I love it so much.
    Beth x
    Mermaid in Disguise

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