8 Autumnal Phone Backgrounds || Blogtober

Thursday, October 11, 2018

8 Autumnal Phone Backgrounds || Blogtober

Hello people of the internet! One of my goals for October was to take my camera out and about with me more often. So, I decided to have a wanted around my estate to capture the essence of Autumn. Not going to lie, I'm really lucky that my estate is just covered in trees. The pictures turned out so well I decided to make them into phone backgrounds for you guys!

8 Autumnal Phone Backgrounds || Blogtober

One || Two || Three || Four

8 Autumnal Phone Backgrounds || Blogtober

Five || Six || Seven || Eight

I really hope you guys like them! If you decide to use any of them be sure to tag me on your Instagram stories or Twitter!

Are you enjoying October so far?
Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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  1. These autumnal phone backgrounds are an absolute delight! The warm hues and vibrant foliage instantly evoke a sense of coziness and tranquility. Each image captures the essence of fall, making my phone screen a visual haven. Whether it's the rich tones of rust or the golden glow of falling leaves, these backgrounds seamlessly blend seasonal charm with technological elegance. Kudos to the creators for bringing nature's beauty to our fingertips, adding a touch of autumn magic to every swipe. It's like a virtual stroll through a picturesque autumn landscape, right in the palm of my hand!

  2. Hey everyone! I was scrolling through the fantastic autumnal phone backgrounds shared in this thread, and I couldn't resist adding a little more beauty to the mix. I came across these stunning "Morning Dew" photos on Depositphotos that perfectly capture the essence of fall. Check them out here: morning dew images. I thought they could be a great addition to your collection! What's your favorite type of autumn background – cozy, vibrant, or nature-inspired? Let's keep sharing these amazing finds and make our phone screens as vibrant as the season itself!


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