*Slendertoxtea Review

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Slendertoxtea Review

Hello people of the internet! For the past two weeks I have been participating in the fad of tea detoxing. I received a 14 day sample of *Slendertoxtea daytox and sleeptox tea. These products are supposed to help assist with weight loss, bloating, increase your energy, and your metabolism. Oh, and my favorite part: Cleanse your colon. </sarcasm>

Slendertoxtea 14 day detox

As a blogger, I feel the need to be honest with you. Just because I was sent a product doesn't mean I'm going to write a glowing review about it. I wasn't happy with this one. I thought it tasted great and that's really the only highlight of this experience. Honestly, I don't know what I expected when I started the teatox. I definitely didn't think that I would be dropping serious weight in 14 days. We all know that it doesn't work like that. Maybe I thought it would give me some energy or help with normal bloating.. I can tell you one thing it did do though: Cleaned (the ever living hell out of) my colon. 

daytox tea floating in mug brewing

This is the part of the review where we all need to be a little mature, okay? 
On the package it says to start on the weekend or on your day off. I presume that warning is for it's (extreme) laxative properties. I remember a particular day in the first week that I had to leg it to a bathroom five times in an hour and a half. As a result of this I had zero energy and I was always bloated. The only way I describe these bathroom visits would be: food poisoning on steroids. I'm pretty sure I can guarantee that my poor, poor colon is beyond clean now.

Slendertoxtea 14 day teatox daytox tea brewing

As much as I would adore to be over the moon or sunshine and rainbows about this product... I just can't! Today has been my first day off of the stuff and I'm still dealing with side effects.  If a rigorous colon cleanse is what you're looking for/into I highly recommend this! Who knows, maybe it could work better for you than it did for me. 

Have you ever tried ant sort of detox?
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* - Product was provided for me to review

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  1. Oh god...I've just gotten the Tiny Tea teatox in the post, hope it's a lot better than this one! I did huge research though and there seems to be a lot of them that contain too much senna which seems to be the problem you had... thanks for sharing :)

  2. I've always wondered about this effect on these teatoxes and that's why I've never dared try them! I think that I'll stick to water and normal teas ;) Do you feel better in yourself though despite the toilet issues?


    1. That's the thing, I literally don't feel any different than when I started it! Well, at least I tried! :)

  3. I've always wanted to try this tea but I'm not a big fan of cleanses because of the things I've read, actually I wrote a post about losing weight : http://the-colorpalette.blogspot.mx/2015/01/coom-bajar-de-peso.html
    Did you eat normally while you we're doing the detox or was just tea?

  4. I've always wondered about these things! They sound super cool online, but yea...I'm definitely second guessing it now.

    xo. Holly Erinn


  5. I got a sample of this too & totally wasn't impressed! The list of foods to avoid while drinking it are insane!


  6. Wow that sounds really horrendous!! I would of perhaps considered this before reading your review but I'm definitely not now haha thanks for sharing!

  7. Great review. I really want to try a teatox!

    Ami xxx

  8. Although I've tried the SkinnyBoo Tea and didn't have any symptoms like yours! There's so many different ones out there it's hard to decide the best one and maybe different people will react differently to the ingredients. Thanks for your honest review.

    Ami xxx

  9. I used Slendertoxtea and the laxative effect was pretty minimal on me - I was quite happy with it as I hadn't been fooling myself and knew of the potential explosive poo side effects it could have. I guess it depends on people's sensitivities to a particular herb, but I'd happily do a Slendertox detox again.



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