Photo-A-Day Round-Up Week: 7

Sunday, August 16, 2015

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Hello people of the internet! Sorry for the radio silence over the last week. I was minding a house and some dogs and I was a little preoccupied! It was my birthday this week too! I'm officially old enough to drink in America. Wooo? Haha, hope you enjoy this week's pictures! I do apologize for a few of them. I took them on my new phone and I wasn't aware that the sizing was so small! 

Day 8: Colorful 

A reflective river

Day 9: Water

the broken inside part of chocolate revealing soft caramel

Day 10: Texture

A brightly colored wall with graffiti

Day 11: Play

Dark silhouette of cork city ireland against a bright sky

Day 12: Dark

vegetarian chicken with curry and rice

Day 13: Enjoy

Day 14: Under

Which one is your favorite? 
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